Innovation, Experience and Large Reach

With offices in Canada, the U.S., China and Pakistan, we manage a network of the highest quality cargo agencies in the world. We work with only the most reliable carriers, truckers, and warehouses to provide services domestically and worldwide through our extensive agency network. We are intimately acquainted with the carriers in all trade lanes so we can direct your cargo the most suitable way. Whether your goal is to minimize freight costs or meet seemingly “impossible” deadlines.

We bring years of experience with time sensitive product shipping, Quantum Logistix excels at delivering logistical solutions for your most challenging projects. In addition to trucking and logistics provision, we are also one of the world’s premier freight forwarders, we specialize in handling complex itineraries, international destinations, fragile cargo and time-critical schedules-all with the highest degree of critical planning, execution, and customer-focused service. Whether your goal is to minimize freight costs or meet seemingly “impossible” deadlines. Quantum Logistix is your exclusive point of contact for dealing with air cargo carriers, truckers, railroads, warehouses, steamship lines, customs bureaus and government authorities the world over.


Commitment To Excellence

Driven by innovation and sustained with creativity. Today, we are one of the hardest working privately held logistics firm. Tomorrow and beyond, we will continue our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our aim is to consistently exceed your expectations, each and every time and we will no stone unturned in achieving that. Contact us today and let us show you.


Industry Best Practices

When we are hired to transport your products, we follow through on what we promise and we do so in the most efficient manner. We use state-of-the art fuel efficient trucks and the experience of industry veterans to boast industry leading fuel conservation rates. We consistently use technology to gain every edge and we pass the value directly on to the customer


We Stand By Our Word

We will transport your products on time and in perfect condition. Both our customers and their end users will experience unrivaled customer service and professionalism throughout the entire Quantum Logistix experience from the moment a load is booked to the time it is delivered, this is our promise to you!


Transformed Trucking

Regardless of the size of your freight, small or big we will give you the ground transportation options that you need to get your shipment to its destination not only in a timely manner but in a cost effective one as well. When it comes to refrigerated freight, we understand that there is absolutely zero margin for error in shipping your goods – whether they are frozen, chilled or simply temperature controlled.

LTL Time Sensitive

When your freight is on an especially tight timeline, look to diligent and expedited services from Quantum to get the job done. We provide you with consistent, reliable regional service. Our trucks and equipment are primed and ready to contribute. Our drivers are standing by waiting for the word and they will ensure your cargo will be delivered at a moment’s notice, ahead of time.


Quantum Logistix began providing transportation solutions to contract warehousing customers in 2010 and expanded over time to include dedicated transportation carriage and freight brokerage. We offer a variety of tailored warehouse and dispatch services to your business. We differ from traditional warehouses that simply act as box or container storage.

Logistics software

When it comes to third party transport services and logistics management, you can rely on Quantum Logistix to add tremendous value to your bottom line. We are a dynamic one stop shop for logistics. Our development team has transformed and innovated traditional WCS or WMS (warehouse control system) & (warehouse management system) into cloud based SaaS service (Software-as-a-Service model) – pay as you go model, enabling these solutions affordable for all sizes of operators small & big, for a small monthly fee saving their significant capital for other important business needs.

Air/Ocean Freight

Quantum Logistix a leading global solutions provider and a driving force in the delivery of first class, fully integrated connections worldwide for all of your air and ocean freight. Our leadership in airfreight consolidation programs allows us to work with you to unlock the value hidden in your supply chain. If you are looking for innovative solutions to your global airfreight needs, contact the market leaders today. Contact us today for any size of shipment you need assistance with to no matter how matter of a remote location you need it transported to. We will accommodate all your requests.

Overland Freight

With regional expertise and national coverage for your LTL and TL shipments, Quantum Logistix covers Canada, the U.S. and Mexico with bonded services available. Providing reliable outside carrier management with capacity to handle all your needs. Scheduled TL service within Canada and between Canada, U.S. and Mexico. Cross-country, or cross-continent team services available for expedited shipments. Even whether it is just for a consult or basic knowledge, please dont hesitate to contact us. We are standing by at your service.


We love to listen and we are eagerly waiting to talk to you regarding your project. Get in touch with us if you have any queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Transport - A Tradition Of Excellence

By consistently putting our customers interests’ ahead of ours, Quantum Logistix is poised to get atop the logistics and transport arena for decades to come.

Our Customer-First oriented philosophy has fostered company-wide pride in our shared work of desiring to be the most transformative partner our clients will have.  It also animates our forward thinking. We truly do believe in organic growth and staying true to our values. We focus on you first and understand that with each successful load, one after another, will foster your growth and success and it is from within the success of our clients that we derive our own success.